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Why Compare Solar Hawaii?

Our Approach

We’re Hawaii solar experts. Use our services at NO COST to have the best solar quotes and most reliable companies brought to you. We only work with the best!

Our Vision

We know that homeowners need to have solar options that are simple, inexpensive, and low-risk. We want to help homeowners be safe and secure in their decision.

Save Money

Costs of powering your home have risen 60% since 2000. Our solar geeks will help you discover what your savings will be and explain the tax credits that are available.

Quality Customer Service

We aim to provide you with the smoothest experience possible. We will take care of you from the moment you sign your agreement, after your solar is installed and through the life of your system.


Too many homeowners have been taken advantage of by shady companies and poorly put together solar projects. We choose the best companies based on quality of work, price, maintenance plans, and several more factors. Our solar geeks make going solar easy and allow you to make the best decision for your needs.

Help Hawaii

Solar energy systems reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions which affects our air, water, and land. Hawaii currently imports approximately 85% of it’s energy. Going solar not only provides huge money savings, but also allows us create a clean environment for generations to come.

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What Can Solar Do For Me?

Why only consume energy when you can generate energy? When you decide to go solar, you can:

Save Money on your Electric Bill

Increase the Value to your Home

Lock in your Energy Costs for Years to Come

Become Energy Independant

Protect the Planet

About the Company

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Aloha! My name is Dave and I am a solar geek.

I created Compare Solar Hawaii after realizing that by working with solar energy, I can combine my love for environment with my passion for helping people and saving money.

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“The solar geeks at Compare Solar Hawaii were amazing! They were able to provide us with great service, and the lowest price for the best PV solar panels in the market!”

The Makini Family

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“I never knew I could get solar with no money down! I am finally able to save money for my retirement.”

Kanoe Hale